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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  December 5, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PST

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this morning the search is on for the gunman involved in an overnight shooting. a bicyclist killed on the streets of berkeley overnight. many questions surrounding this deadly shooting. we're live in palo alto where there has been incidents of women being attacked in the early morning hours. we'll tell you whether weather this is happening in the city -- tell you where this is happening in the city and why this is happening. time now for the ktvu channel 2 morning news.
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good morning, to you. welcome to a brand new day middle of the week. it's wednesday december 5th i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. thank you for waking up with us. steve says little drizzly out there. will it last most of the day? >> right rain. there has been a little heavier out toward hercules. it's coming through. but again this is far weeker than anything we have seen. but still rain is here. but overall this is a much weaker system we will get rain throughout the day. we'll take a closer look at this rain. this is a look at highway 24 through lafayette. and 880 near the oakland coliseum traffic is moving pretty well. it is wet out there. we do have an accident we want to tell you about coming up in a couple minutes. let's head back to the desk.
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topping our news this morning police in berkeley are still on the scene where a bicyclist was shot and killed outside of a middle school. we will take you out there live at the scene you can see what is going on. this is long fellow middle school. police rushed there after reports of the shooting. they are still out there collecting evidence and looking for clues. a man on a bicycle was shot at least once on the the street. there is no word of motive. four people were shot and wounded near oakland lake merritt and they are being treated for serious injuries. claudine wong is outside the oakland police headquarters with the very latest details on their condition. >> reporter: i talked to to an oakland police sergeant within the last hour. still very early on. keep in mind there is two different crime scenes. officers have been to both crime scenes. they have been to the hospital talking to the four victims.
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let's take you what happened overnight. all of the victims are in serious condition but all expected to survive. police say they got multiple 911 calls about 10:20 last night. people calling in to tell them they heard multiple gunshots. they got to the 600 block of east 18th and found three victims in their 20s. two men and one woman who was standing on the street where more than one gunman started firing. but that was only one crime scene three blocks away they found another with yet another victim. a man in his 50s that was also hit bedpan fire. >> right now it appears he is an unintended target and he was getting ready to go into the liquor store. >> >> reporter: he is also in serious condition but also expected to survive. police couldn't give us a motive or any possible mote i for the shooting and didn't have any suspect information. but again we do believe there is is more than one gunman.
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we have been told there are multiple shooters and we are also being told it was a vehicle involved although we haven't been given any vehicle information. all this comes hours before the mayor plans to hold a town hall meeting. that is going to happen tonight and one of the topics for discussion will be public safety. live here in oakland claudine wong ktvu channel 2 news. time now 5:03. there is a new warning in palo alto after two recent attacks on women near the downtown area. janine de la vega is in palo alto to tell us how the police are responding to this. good morning, janine. >> reporter: good morning, dave. they are ramping up their efforts. both assaults and attempted robberies happened here in downtown palo alto. both of the victims are women. the latest attack happened here in the 300 block of university avenue on sunday morning a woman in her 70s was asleep in an alcove of a vacant business. when she woke up to a man
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reaching inside her pockets. she pushed him away but the man started punching her in the head, face, and chest and ran away. let's go to a map to show you where the other incident happened about 15 minutes prior. a woman in her 30s was walking on homer avenue and she was pushed to the ground from behind by a man who tried to take her purse. police say when she resisted the man punched her six to eight times in the face and ran away empty handed. the description of the suspect is the same. one of the victims identified him as being black. the other didn't get a good look at what race he was. because of the close proxity of the incident an similarities investigators believe it is the same man. they have increased their patrols here in the downtown area to thwart any attempted attacks. when we did drive in today we did see police cars here. reporting love janine de la vega. we are on storm watch again
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this morning. the rain definitely coming down. today's storm is not expected to be assed with. let me show you what it looks like in downtown san jose. sandbags are piled up outside of goodman's hardwood store. >> it was floating from the street coming this way inside. and the garden area was about six inches and redwood aisle he was about a foot. >> san rafael public works officials say hundreds of sandbags are available at designated fire stations. in a few minutes steve paulson will be here to tell us how much rain we will get today. don't forget you can get up to the minute weather information by down loading the ktvu app or also go to our website and look for the storm watch tab at the top of our home page. and we provide updates on
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facebook and twitter. san jose city council anonymously approved changing a city hall to allow airport employees to shoot at birds to scare them away. trained employees as well as biologists. 180 bird strikes have been reported at san jose airport since 2009. president obama is expected to announce his nominees for secretaries of state and defense. that is according to our white house sources. reportedly former republican senator chuck hague l is on the short list of possible choices for secretary of defense. replacing leon panetta who is stepping down. another top contender senator john kerry. he is also looking at john kerry for a possible secretary of state. or he may go with susan rice
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the u.s. ambassador to the united nations. president obama meets with two very different groups. both have concerns about the fiscal cliff conference. and remember he meets with them top ceo's. coming up the one issue where president obama is refusing to budge in those fiscal cliff negotiations. right now 5:07. we want to check back in with tara who is in for sal. definitely wet roads out there. >> reporter: we do have an accident to report. this is a big rig verses a small pickup truck and an ambulance is on the way. we understand there are injuries involved. here it is right here. 880 northbound near the grand avenue exit. we had somebody needs an
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ambulance basically. we are keeping an eye on it. all right. up next we will take a live look at 280 in san jose. you can see traffic is actually flowing nicely in both directions. and it's 5:08 let's check in with steve. >> thank you tara. our system is finally moving. this is the last one. it cannot hold a candle to the three that came in before. i will show you rain totals in a second. light rain, drizzle, fog, cloudy. once in awhile moderate rain falls. our system the most amounts were left in the north bay. quarter to an inch of rain. lighter amounts will be south. might get little enhancement. there is not much of a breeze. kind of like a gray showery pattern will linger into the afternoon. this is the last one. santa rosa had almost an inch of rain. there is heavier amounts toward the russian river. st. helena two-thirds of an inch. napa half inch of rain.
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kentfield only .18. and crockett had 15. things are a lot less. you can see some of that beginning to slide south. out of santa rosa area. heading from marin county toward the east bay. we had a couple reports of more moderate rains. especially around vallejo but it looks like that is moving through. concord right now highway 4 a little enhancement. back over toward east bay. little bit there. offshore you can see there is definitely some heading towards the city and san mateo coast. really mild. 50s and 60s. 63 balmy degrees in livermore. our whole system will plot along giving us a gray day with occasionally light rain and fog as we said. temperatures on the mild side. nothing too heavy here. maybe some of the higher elevations. 60s on the temps. this is it for this pattern. things will change or dry out. you'll have to deal with a ton of fog nights and mornings thursday and friday. a brazen theft got a
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christmas tree lot that was supporting boy scouts. we'll tell you what was stolen and how the finances of east bay scouting troops will be effected by this. >> i'm just going to go ahead and announcement my retirement from stand up. >> katt williams calls it quits after another run in police. and here's a look at 280 in san jose. we don't have too many problems. we do have wet roadways. every time someone chooses finish over cascade, it sparks a movement. because people can't keep it to themselves. look ! no ugly spots ! awesome! incredible shine. i'm switching for good. love, love, love finish! over a million people have switched to finish. visit us on facebook. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time.
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only $29 a month for six months.
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welcome back. time now 5:13. police searching for thieves. they stole $1,000 worth of holiday items. workers found the items missing friday afternoon. they opened the lot on moraga avenue in piedmont. about 20 wreaths were stolen. along with garlands, tools, and a heater used by the boy scouts and parents. sales of christmas trees and holiday items makes up about 20% of the piedmont boy scouts budget. also a thief near san diego stole a salvation army red kettles proceeds for one night. it happened inest canto toe. the bell ringer stepped away from his red kettle to try to help someone that is when the thief came in and ran away with the kettle and the estimated $300 inside. donations are already at an all- time low while requests for
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help are running very high. new this morning north korea appears to be moving closer to launching a missile capable of carrying a nuclear war head. it appears north korea has finished installing a rocket. that means north korea could be on target for launch as soon as monday. north korea denies having a nuclear weapons program but says it plans to launch a rocket for science and research purposes before december 22nd. u.n. secretary general says he does not favor an asylum deal for assad. in an interview he says anyone who commits human rights violations must be held accountable. he also warned assad today of huge consequences if he decides to introduce chemical weapons into the conflict. secretary of state hillary clinton also warned syria of a swift response from the u.s. if
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chemical weapons are used. as the fiscal cliff looms president obama is digging in his heels. ktvu alison burns reports the president says the wealthiest americans must pay higher taxes. alison. >> reporter: the president is refusing to agree to anything else unless taxes are raised on the wealthiest 2% of americans. in fact, there are some reports this morning that the president isn't even going to hold any other face to face or one on one meetings with republicans until they cave on that demand. john boehner was at the lighting of the if christmas tree last night. republicans are instead offering to close tax loopholes and limit tax deductions that favor the wealthy while extending current tax rates for the middle class. frustration is clearly growing on both sides. >> speaker's proposal right now is is still out of balance. >> we wasted an enormous amount of time here sparring back and
5:17 am
forth in public. it strikes me as a good time to get serious about the proposals. >> reporter: a very big potential problem for speaker boehner even if he's willing to compromise with president obama, people within his own party are not are already saying they won't be willing to go along. i'll have more on that during my next update. reporting live from washington, d.c. alison burns ktvu channel 2 news. controversial comedian katt williams says he's done. he's quitting stand up comedy after another run in with the law. >> i'm just going to go ahead and announce my retirement from stand up. i'm kind of done. >> katt williams made that announcement outside of a hotel sunday night after being kicked out of the hotel. on sunday he was taken to jail accused of fight inside of a
5:18 am
bar in seattle. now his tour stop in oakland you may remember was cut short by an on stage meltdown the one you're looking at here. also a beckly man accused williams of hitting him in the head with a bottle. he is also accused of leading police on a chase in downtown sacramento. police in fremont searching for a suspect blamed for several robberies. a felony arrest warrant issued for kane barzeal. he described as a light skinned 18-year-old man about 5'11" weighing about 180 pounds with black hair. he may be living in oakland or in his hometown of benicia. >> san francisco police are using a new tool to help solve crimes. the public can use it to high pressure send in tips and get involved. what police plan to do each week to close unsolved cases. time now 5:18.
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let's bring tara back. if you're going out driving it's wet. the roads are wet so be careful. >> that is right. we don't have that big storm blowing through. we do have slippery conditions on the roadways. so make sure you take it easy out there on the roadways. right now we will take a live look here at the bay bridge toll plaza. folks should go just under the speed limit i think it's pretty safe for the bay bridge this morning. we have a look at our maps. we want to show you a pair of accidents in the richmond area. this is 80 westbound. and then we also have right lanes blocked here on 80 eastbound at buchanon street. be aware of that. down in the south bay 280 san jose you can see traffic is flowing nicely in both directions. 5:18 here is steve. thank you, tara. rain, light. picking up for some. light rain will continue this afternoon. the system will weaken. there will be a window we can
5:20 am
get moderate rain. first take you out toward highway 4 concord, clayton. but it's moving quick. it looks like it has moved through martinez. back over toward parts of the east bay. san francisco over to oakland a little heavier toward san rafael. looks like right there on the san rafael side of the richmond san rafael bridge. off the coast you can see right off the marin coast in san francisco there is a little bit stronger cells inching closer. it's not cold it's really mild. if you don't have rain cloudy conditions and foggy. there is a little low right there. that will give us enhancement here in the morning. look for cloudy skies and rain. just kind of a foggy rainy day. 60s on the temps. even the lows or upper 50s to near 60 for some. we won't see much of a change on the temperatures from lows
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to highs. the rain will end tonight. fog very, very thick. i think north bay, east bay out to the valley it will be a big issue here. it does look quieter. breezy. that should wipe out the fog. right now the european markets are all trading higher this morning. overnight the asian markets closed with gains as well. after china's leaders -- shanghai composite jumped almost 3%. all the other markets finished the day up but with less spectacular gains. checking in on our numbers. the futures right now indicate a pretty good opening for the dow. nasdaq and s & p 500 across the board all slipping a bit yesterday. and again the nasdaq starts today just below 3,000. all of them testing important levels there. starbucks offering a limited edition gift card. the $450 super premium card is good for just $400 worth of
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coffee and baked goods. the other $50 covers the cost to make the specially etched card. if you want to buy one you have to go to the luxury goods website >> i'm just going to use yours. i can't afford it. >> sure i got a few. a san francisco dog napping case finally over. >> just like the worst nightmare imaginable. >> how neighbors help a severely ill man get his precious dog back. a giant return. the world series champs resign a clutch hitter. how much he will be paid and what sealed the deal. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy.
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welcome back. time now 5:24. new crime fighting tool for san francisco police. every week police officers will post videos like this one you are looking at right here on a website called the lineup. they hope people will see the videos and then report tips. now this surveillance video look at this a man using a stun gun to attack another man. this happened about three weeks ago about 9:30 at night on polk street. police drib the suspect as -- describe the suspect as an african american man 6'2", 200 pounds about 40-50 years old. an aling man has been reunited with his stolen dog.
5:26 am
lola was taken from his car while he was getting dialysis. he is battling kidney disease and cancer. he was devastated by the theft of his dog. neighbor put up fliers and offered a $3,000 reward for the dog to be returned. >> all i thought immediately was what would i do if someone stole my dog? you would want anybody you ever met to jump in and help. >> it was the worst nightmare imaginable. it's like this isn't true. >> but it ended. last weekend a woman in oakland contacted his neighbor saying she found lola running near lake merritt. if you are a giants fan you will be happy to know one of the key players for the world series victory is coming back. infielder marco suite row airied to a three year $20 million contract.
5:27 am
giants guaranteed a third year for scutaro. time now 5:26. we are guaranteed to see tara right now. she knows all about your morning commute. >> yes it's a slippery one in parts. especially in the pinole, richmond area we have been getting report there is of dangerous conditions. make sure you give yourself extra time this morning. right now we are head outside and take a live look at 280 at the 880 split. you can see traffic moving well on both freeways here. 680 at the sunol grade the taillights there southbound traffic toward fremont no delays. here is steve. our system is finally arrived. just heard from lee still in san francisco. glen parks steady rain picking up here. no rain. also rain in marin county things have been picking up. rain is moving through. some of the heavier amounts have been off toward the east
5:28 am
and now picking up offshore. we'll take a look at those coming up. time now 5:27. disturbing new details about the kidnapping and rape in oakland of an autistic teenage girl. what police say led to the arrest of a suspect and the horrible things she went through. plus heading back to work now. the new development overnight it is ended that long strike at a major california port. a man riding his bike is shot to death in berkeley. we'll tell you what police are saying about a possible motive in this case when the ktvu morning news continues. 57
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good morning, to you. welcome back. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. middle of the week. it's wednesday, december 5th i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. time now is 5:30. steve is talking about not quite a big storm. we have definitely seen rain out there. >> this is last of the four coming through. it's doing its job which is giving us rain but nothing like we had on sunday morning or anything on friday night or saturday. but still rain out there. you see the whole system enhancing a little bit off the marin coast, san francisco we had reports of rain picking up there. see around i know kentfield is up to a quarter inch of rain. and right there. move into the city marin head land and also toward sunset district. we'll talk more about this coming up shortly. here is tara. you can take a look here at highway 24. we do have an accident to report here westbound. this is upper -- this is happy
5:32 am
valley road exit. major damage a solo vehicle spinout. be careful of the wet roadways. up next you have a look at the san mateo bridge. traffic is doing well here in both directions and it's pretty dry. 5:31 let's head back to the desk. right now police in berkeley are clearing a crime scene next to a middle school where a bicyclist was shot to death last night. ktvu alex savidge is there. he's outside long fellow middle school so what do you know? >> reporter: just a couple minutes ago they took down the crime scene tape so this investigation has wrapped up here on sacramento street. this man was riding a bike was shot and killed. it happened on the sidewalk. this is as you can see right outside of long fellow middle school here in berkeley. lieutenant here on scene told me it's much too early to say what the motive may have been here. at 3:30 in the morning we watched as a coroner took away a man's body. berkeley police were called out
5:33 am
here around 11:30 last night. they got calls of a bicyclist who was down on the sidewalk. officers arrived and the first arriving officers quickly realized this man had severe injuries and he had been shot. eventually he was pronounced dead. homicide investigators at this point are trying to track down witnesses but a lieutenant tells me they don't have a whole lot of clues to go on. >> we received a call of a person being down on a bicycle. the officers arrived to find out the person had been a victim of a gunshot. that's all we have. >> reporter: the lieutenant also told me right now they don't have any information on a possible shooter in this case or how the shooter may have gotten away in a car or possibly on foot. at this point the identity of that victim is not being released. live this morning in berkeley alex savidge ktvu channel 2 news. four people are in the hospital with serious injuries after being shot near oakland's lake merritt. claudine wong is just outside the oakland police department with what police are saying about what happened.
5:34 am
claudine. >> reporter: right now the search is on for multiple shooters in this case. we don't know exactly what type of weapons were involved. police are not releasing that information. we do know the weapons were powerful enough to send one of the shots three blocks away from where it was fired where it hit an innocent bystander. all four victims are in serious condition. they are all at last expected to survive. multiple 911 calls came into police just after 10:20 last fight. police got to the 600 block of east 18th and found three victims in their 20s. two men and one woman. they were standing on the street when more than one shooter started firing and hit them. all three in serious condition but expected survive. police found another victim a man in his 50s. who was also hit by gunfire. >> right now he appears he's an intended target.
5:35 am
just getting ready to do into the liquor store. when he was struck by gunfire. >> he was hit once and is expected to survive. the search is on for multiple shooters in this case. still very early on in this investigation. we don't have any suspect information. we do know there is a vehicle involved. although we don't know anymore than that. at this point still monitoring this case for any latest developments. we can tell you tonight there is a town hall meeting planned by the mayor and one of the topics up for discussion will be public safety. live in oakland claudine wong. in overnight news a family survived a hit and run in san leandro. a husband and wife were hit by a big rig near the washington exit. everyone walked away from the crash. the chp says it began with a white honda possibly hitting the center divide and losing a
5:36 am
right front-wheel. the families car swerved to avoid the honda but lost control and ended upsideways. the two people from the honda fled from the scene. we have rain again this morning. the new storm system is not as strong as the storm we had last week. in sonoma county though flooding not expected to be an issue this time around. even though some of the small creeks and streams are moving fast. the russian river running about 30 feet deep near forestville. no significant changes in the water level is expected now. now a flooding is out of concern. fire officials say we've got to worry about landslides because the ground is saturated. in santa cruz county may partially reopen this if that heavy rain from the weekend storm that washed away over part of the road. crews say the restoration is a top priority because it was a crucial connector.
5:37 am
go to our channel 2 website look for the storm watch tab near the top of the page. workers at the country's largest port complex are expected back on the job in less than two hours. that announcement came only hours after the mayor walked mediators into contract negotiations late yesterday. now they have reached an agreement that is expected to get strong approval. clerical workers had been on strike for eight days and dock workers refused to cross that picket line. the cost more than $1 billion. a plan to provide free muni passes to young people has been revived. muni decided to use $1.6 million of state grant money to fund a pilot program for free youth passes. the program starts in march and run through june of 2014. the rest of the state grant must be $5 million will go
5:38 am
toward bus and light rail improvements. a man accused of kidnapping and raping an autistic teenage girl is due to make his first court appearance today. they identified the suspect as 36-year-old gary atkinson. he was arrested near the bart station where police say surveillance cameras captured him last tuesday the very same night the girl disappeared. he took her to his home in san francisco and raped her repeatedly. she escaped on thursday and she was spotted by a muni operator. >> the child was resilient. she assisted the investigators in this case and very proud of her courage. investigators say that 16- year-old girl has a mental capacity of a second grader but she was still able to pick her attacker out of a police
5:39 am
lineup. kidnapping happened after she walked away from the fred finch youth center in oakland where she stayed. she was followed by staff members who say they lost sight of her. the state is investigating whether the staff members acted appropriately. the city of dublin is the latest to crack down on tobacco. coming up the tough new regulations and how they all effect some businesses. time now 5:38. tara is back. we have accidents. lots in the east bay. what happened? >> earlier we told you about the one on 580 northbound. that one is still causing delays. we also want to point out a huge puddle. now this accident 80 westbound at the san pablo dam road that is a two car crash. also happen to have a couple fender benders here 80 eastbound at buchanon street, west gilman street, and highway
5:40 am
24 westbound. if we take a live look at the golden gate bridge you can see how wet the roadways are out there. you can see the rain hitting the roads. and finally 280 at the 880 split down in san jose traffic is moving pretty well in all directions. 539 here's steve. you can see on radar right off of marin coast and the san mateo coast with the line stretching from west to east right over the city. get a closer look at it. the system moving through now heavier amounts up in the north bay. lighter amounts south. along the coast maybe along skyline santa cruz mountains another quarter to an an inch of rain will fall. santa rosa had almost an inch of rain. petaluma half inch of rain. kentfield now up to .23. .23. they picked up .05. there is the system moving along. the line goes from marin county
5:41 am
right over toward richmond, berkeley, emeryville. and also right off the city rain has been picking up there as well. sunset district just south and into the city and also down toward daly city. out toward the east bay or richmond also berkeley as well. kentfield back over toward san rafael you can see that rain a little heavier now on the richmond side. that stretches to brentwood to highway 4. 50s to 60s. really, really mild. this is not a cold system by any stretch of the imagination. it will continue to give us a day of cloudy skies off and on rain. some is drizzle. occasionally you get very steady rain. cloudy with rain off and on. 60s on the temps. we're sitting at 60 degrees right now. rain today. this is it for that. this will be the last one. big time fog i think issue will be with us. inland fog thursday and friday.
5:42 am
inland looks good. thank you, steve. 5:41 is is the time. getting naked in san francisco. the very revealing protest inside city hall and the places where people will be able to go without their clothes. plus new york still police may be close to arresting a man who pushed another man off a subway platform to his death. this is a look at the east shore freeway. you can see we have rainy conditions out there. we'll tell you a couple hot spots coming up. q
5:43 am
5:44 am
good morning. rain cloudy foggy. very mild pattern. this is our last system. but still get morning rain. just kind of lingering
5:45 am
throughout the day. lesser amounts as you go south. time now 5:44. welcome back. here's a quick look at some of the stories we are following for you. police in berkeley investigating a fatal shooting of a bicyclist. it happened about 11:30. it happened outside of long fellow middle school. the investigation continues. four people including an apparent innocent bystander in stable condition after being shot by oakland lake merritt. three victims in their 20s were wounded in the 600 block of east 18th street. we are told a stray bullet hit a man in his 50s happen so far no arrests have been made in this case. and police in palo alto are increasing patrols of the downtown area. two women were beaten during an attempted robbery over the weekend. both attacks happened sunday morning near downtown palo alto. a shocking story police in
5:46 am
new york may be closing in on the suspect after a man was pushed in front of an on coming subway train and killed. a man being questioned has implicated himself in that attack. he was taken into custody yesterday. now 58-year-oldkey sue con was hit and killed on monday. it started with that argument at time square station. parking lot of that confrontation was caught on cell phone video. no charges have been filed. however the new york post is being criticized for running a front page picture of the victim seconds before he was killed headline doomed. the photographer says he happened to be nearby and trying to warn the train operator by flashing his cameras. victim was returned to the hospital where he later died.
5:47 am
so far no arrests have been made. time is 5:46. santa clara county top executive admits -- santa clara county executive jeff smith says internal controls broke down because auditors were his tent to challenge board members about their spending. smith's comments come after the news reported an audit found that shirakawa used the county credit card for personal expenses. he reimbursed the county for $7,000. they are recommending he immediately pay back an additional $12,000. nudist in san francisco are planning a civil lawsuit against the city. >> bodies freedom. >> these protestors stripped off their clothes and screamed at the board of supervisors yesterday. city hall security had to cover up about a half dozen nudist
5:48 am
and escort them out of the chambers. the board voted 6-5 on a final approval to ban public nudity. >> it does not harm children. in fact it's known that children raised in nudist families are more comfortable with who they are. >> it's about people in the neighborhood who have lived here for a long time. who have gotten sick of their only public space being used in this way. >> san francisco mayor ed lee is expected to sign that ordnance which take effect in february. violator -- violators face a $100 offense. it allows nudity at private beaches. the city of dublin is getting tough on tobacco. last night the city council voted to ban the opening of new tobacco stores. businesses that sell tobacco already won't be effected. they will charge a new fee. the money will be used for
5:49 am
youth decoy operations to catch tobacco sales. this morning authorities are expanding the evacuation zone in new jersey. that is after a freight train derailed spilling hazardous chemicals. 100 additional homes have been evacuated. officials say it may take until sunday to empty a derailed tanker car that held 180,000 pounds of vinyl chloride. it was one of seven that deraid last friday as a freight train tried to cross a bridge. 60 people were take ton the hospital and treated for respiratory problems. coming up at 5:55 why bart officials say the efforts to relocate the birds they have actually saved taxpayers money. 5:48. 5:49 now. let's check in with tara who is in for sal on the traffic this morning.
5:50 am
>> we do have slick row roadways. some standing water starting to accumulate. we have a large puddle on the jackson street off ramp. it must be a drainage problem. let's take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. rainy condition. no metering lights on yet 680 you can see traffic moving nicely. and down in the south bay 280 san jose traffic also looking good in both directions. here's steve. tara, thank you very much. just heard from our observer mike. and i mention him he keeps very good records. about a third of an inch of rain so far falling from this system. kentfield had a quarter of an inch. rain light, steady for some. cloudy, foggy, mild. but this will be the last in the series. you can see the line stretching now. just heard from middletown. she had an inch of rain. this line is moving out of the
5:51 am
north bay. kind of lining itself upright now. marin county. san francisco over to oakland and berkeley and also over interstate 80 and highway 4. beginning to pick up a little bit in enhancement. right there richmond district. also sunset. just right over the city some of that rain beginning to move on through. you can see also over toward berkeley and kenningston and emeryville. and back over toward martinez, crockett, pinole. orinda back heading toward -- there is plenty to go. there is still enhancement heading off the coast. we'll keep a eye on that. it looks like the rain will pick up shortly. really mild. 50s and 60s. you can see the plume of moisture just moving at us. it will be one more day of rain. this will be a far cry from anything we saw. cloudy with rain. 60s on the temps. we're sitting at 60 now.
5:52 am
rain ends tonight. system will fall apart down around monterey. there will be a lot of fog. weekend will be dry. it will be cooler breezy. i think we will get rid of the fog too. yahoo is buying another mobile startup as it tries to create more compelling products for smart phone and tablet users. yahoo announced it's buying san francisco based on the air video chat company. they are not saying if they will continue to use on the air. today amazon will unvail its new prescription service designed to entertain children. subscribers to the kindle free time will have access to thousands of videos and books and games for kids. users will be able to play, watch ever, or read content. family subscription for up to six children will cost $10 a month. and netflix has made a breakthrough move as it tries to secure more exclusive programming for streaming video
5:53 am
service. it outfits stars network for the rights to show disney movies shortly after they are out of the theaters. netflix is not saying how much it had to pay for that but it's the first time a major studio has sold first run rights to netflix instead of a premium television network. the agreement does not go into effect until 2016. 5:52. different subject. is it worth $175 million? why the debate over extending the vta line is heating up over who will ride on it and price tag. plus the woman who gave birth to 49ers quarterback collin kaepernick describes the pain of watching him.
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5:55 am
5:56 am
good morning. system moving through. rain picking up a little bit. this will continue for the morning. the biological mother of 49er quarterback collin kaepernick hopes to reconnect with him. the bay area news group talked to his birth mother yesterday. she was in her late teens when she gave him up for adoption. she's been trying to connect with him ever since. kaepernick however has been lukewarm on developing any kind
5:57 am
of relationship. she says she is a fan but wants to talk to him because he is her son. bart spent $5 million to move birds away to the extension of where silicon valley is being built. the birds could have delayed the extension to warm springs in san jose. that would have cost taxpayers a lot more money in the long run. the first leg of the bart extension is due to open in 2015. it should reach san jose by 2018. there are new plans to extend the valley transit agency light rail system. it now ends in campbell. but there is a new proposal that would have a continue more than a mile and a half to highway 17 near netflix headquarters. the plan was laid out at a meeting in campbell last night. vta says about 1,000 people a day get on that station. many people who use it say the new station would make their lives much easier. critics say that is not enough.
5:58 am
new riders to justified the expected $175 million expense. time now 5:57. let's go back to tara. cars are spinning out all over the place. >> that is right. we do have a lot of spinouts. that is because of that wet road conditions. definitely take it easy out there. we do want to mention that we had an a tree actually go down on one of the roadways if we take a look at the maps. we can show you here this was on highway 92. this is highway 35 skyline boulevard at 92 san mateo road. and the tree actually was blocking a whole lane here. they did just clear it. so we wanted to be aware there is no sig alert issued there now. up next we take a look at 680. you can see traffic moving nicely. let's head back to the desk. coming up on our 6:00 hour a heated battle over birds at one bay area airport.
5:59 am
why staff members can take drastic action to head off a potentially dangerous situation. bicyclist was shot and killed in berkeley. what we just found out about that victim. a steady rain san francisco over to parts of the east bay and out to concord with more offshore. we'll take a closer look at it in two minutes.


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